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Things to do near Cloverdale

Photos of your newborn and your older children.

What to do for ~2 hours near Cloverdale

You’ve already read how to prepare your children for their photography session and you’re excited to capture those precious sibling and newborn photos. So am I! Young siblings under 10, are welcomed for their sibling photo and are asked to limit their involvement to the start or end of your session for the family portion. Young children really struggle with the hot room, white noise and having to sit quietly while we capture those gorgeous baby photos of your newborn. A cranky and rambuncitous toddler or preschooler can cause a lot of stress for parents who are sleep deprived and hoping for the best photos possible. 30 minutes is about their maximum ability to cooperate without derailing your session. Please arrange for one parent, a family member or a friend to bring your children at the end or take them out after their portion. If you live close by it’s ideal to bring them home but if you are not from the area here is a list of things you can do to entertain your kids and your partner.

If you want to read up on how to prepare for your newborn session.

Indoor play and entertainment:

For rainy day entertainment try one of these suggestions to entertain your kids for 1-2 hours. All of these activities are within 11 minutes driving. Some of these activities are free and some have a fee attached.

Surrey Museum: Free / by donation – 1-2 hours play- 17710 56a Ave, Surrey

Surrey museum as a kids area that has a themed exhibit such as lego or dinosaurs (changes seasonally) and the museum has a kids play area as well as a traditional museum.

Go Bananas: Kids 9$, Adults 5$, under 2 free- 1-2 hours play- 19685 Willowbrook Dr Langley

Go bananas is an indoor soft play place with climbing, slides and a ball area. It’s geared more towards younger kids 2-5 years old.

Chuck-E-Cheese: Pay to play games-  1-2 hours play- 6339 200 St, Langley

Chuck-E-Cheese is an indoor arcade with video games and fair games like whack a mole. Pay to play and win tickets for prizes.

Surrey Library: Free -1 hour play- 5642 176A St, Surrey

Surrey library has a kids section where you can sit and read kids books.

Willowbrook Mall: 1 hour play- 19705 Fraser Hwy, Langley

Walk around the mall on a rainy day and grab a snack at the food court.

Buy a gift for mom

Mom just went through a lot and would no doubt love a small something to show you appreciate everything she has done for your new baby. Or stop into a local shop and find something special for baby.

La Belle Vie – 5709 176 St, Surrey Cloverdale

La Belle Vie is my favourite local shop full of great gifts for mom, gifts for baby and a big selection of home decor gifts anyone would love.

The Heart- 5723 176 St #4, Surrey Cloverdale

The heart is a local shop full of special clothing, accessories and gifts that are perfect for mom.

Outdoor walks and parks:

Walk downtown Cloverdale: 1 hour play- 5748 176 St, Surrey

If it’s a sunny day take a stroll through old Cloverdale and enjoy the various shops and restaurants.

Parks close by (5 min)

Cloverdale Traditional School Playground: 1 hour play – 17857 56 Ave

There is a playground behind the school where your kids can burn off some energy. No public washrooms.

Martha Currie School Playground: 1 hour play- 5811 184 St Surrey

Martha Currie has 2 playgrounds for your kids to climb and run around. No public washrooms.

Greenaway Park by Outdoor Pool: 17901 60 Ave, Surrey

There is a small playground and pickle ball courts located beside the outdoor Greenaway pool. No public washrooms.

Parks a bit farther (15 min)

Hazelgrove Park: 1-3 hours play- 7080 190 St, Surrey (10 min drive)

A fun park with a modern playground, a parkour play area, basketball court, tennis court, splash park. Some shade.

Cloverdale Athletic park: 1-2 hours play- 69 61b Ave, Surrey (10 min drive)

Playground with spray park. Does have washrooms but inconveniently located. On the other end of the park there is a fun bike track. Shade available.

Langley Events Center: 1-3 hours play- 7888 200 St, Langley (15 min drive)

Large modern playground that is partially enclosed / gated. The playground opens up onto a splash park. Surrounded by grassy areas to walk and picnic. Park does have public washrooms. Very limited shade.

Penzer Action Park: 1-3 hours play- 4748 198c St, Langley (15 min drive)

Fun and interesting park with a imaginative play area, parkour play area with in ground mini trampoline, basketball area, biking area. Has public washrooms but they are not well maintained. Some shade / limited shade.

Redwood Park: 1-3 hours play- 17900 20 Ave, Surrey (15 min drive)

Redwood park is a large forested park with a walking trail, treehouse to look at, fairy garden and kids playground. Does have a public washroom. Lots of shade.

Douglas Park: 1-2 hours play- 5403-5409 206 St, Langley (15 min drive)

Douglas park has an enclosed and gated playground which is next to a spray park. There are bathrooms close to the play area. Shade and tables available in the playground.

City Park: 1-2 hours play- 20577-20605 48 Ave, Langley (15 min drive)

Fun dinosaur themed playground with some fun play equipment. Playground has a splash area for sunny days. The park is next to a small stream for added entertainment. The park has plenty of shade.

Get a bite to eat:

Hawthorne Beer Market and Bistro (pub)- 5633 176 St, Surrey Cloverdale

Republica Coffee Roasters Cloverdale (Cafe)- 5674 176 St #102, Surrey Cloverdale

The Henry (pub)-  5708 176 St, Surrey Cloverdale

De Dutch Pancakes (Breakfast)- 5630 176 St #200 Surrey Cloverdale

Mc Donald’s (fast food) – 17960 56 Ave, Cloverdale

Dairy Queen (Fast food) – 17720 56 Ave, Surrey Cloverdale

Pizza Hut Cloverdale (Fast food) – 17700 56 Ave #107, Cloverdale

A&W Burgers (Fast food) – 17830 BC-10, Surrey Cloverdale

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