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Newborn Session- Preparation Checklist

Newborn session prep
Newborn baby photos of a triplet session

Final reminders before you come for your newborn session

There is a lot to remember with a new baby and leaving the house is definitely a challenge for any new parent. There’s always a million things to think of and you have to bring so much more than it was just you. Here is a final set of reminders for you to have ready the morning of your newborn photography session.

Preparing baby and yourself for photos

  1. Bath baby and wash hair the day before. Avoid greasy lotions on baby’s skin and hair.
  2. Shave and trim any hair you usually do, this applies to all parents
  3. Apply makeup if you usually wear it

Diaper bag checklist

You will need your baby diaper bag stocked well for your baby and some things for you and your partner too. For more information on preparing for your newborn session read this: What to expect from your newborn session.

  1. Burp cloths for spit up
  2. 2-5 Pacifiers
  3. 5+ diapers
  4. Baby wipes
  5. Spare clothes for baby in case of accidents
  6. Spare clothes for parents: something comfortable for a hot room
  7. Bring your usual amount of formula + extra if you formula feed
  8. Baby hair brush if you have one
  9. Any special items you are planning to include
  10. Masks for parents

Before you leave the house

  1. Dress baby in a zip up or button up (not a pull over onesie)
  2. Feed baby right before you leave so baby is full
  3. Try to Keep baby awake for 1-2 hours with an active morning if you can
  4. Feed older siblings and make sure they are rested
  5. Text me when you’re on your way

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