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Beanbag Poses – Table Poses

Sleeping babies
Back pose of three sleeping babies

What is a “beanbag pose”?

If you have been researching where to get newborn photos done for your baby(babies) then you might have seen the term beanbag pose and wondered what that was.

The term beanbag pose comes from the newborn photography niche and how it all started. Newborn photography has been around for years and was popularized by Anne Geddes from Australia. Her book Down in the Garden was published in 1997. It has risen in popularity since then with the greats such as Tracy Raver & Kelly Ryden who created the book Sleeping Beauties. But really since 2014 it has exploded in popularity. Now you will easily find dozens of local newborn photographers to choose from.

The original newborn teachers such as Kelly Brown, taught how to pose and photograph newborns on a large bean bag and thus beanbag poses.

Table vs Beanbag

The beanbag is the original poser but many have converted to a table for a more stable posing base. The table is layered with padding, fabric layers and posers to help shape baby into the cute poses we love. Here is a link to my own beanbag table that my husband built for me. It’s a round table that fits inside my paloma schell metal frame.

Classic Beanbag Poses

There are many variations of poses and many ways to do each pose but there are some classic poses that are commonly done.

  1. Tushy up / Tummy pose.
Tummy pose of a 1 year old.
Tummy Pose

2. Side Laying / Side Pose.

Side Laying Pose
One year old sleeping in side laying pose on a beanbag table

3. Huck Fin / back pose.

Newborn Sleeping
Sleeping newborn pose

4. Taco Pose / Womb Pose.

Taco Pose
One year old sleeping child posed in taco pose

5. Froggy Pose/ head in hands.

Froggy pose
Newborn posed in froggy pose

6. Hammock Pose.

Hammock pose
Toddler posed in hammock pose

7. Forward Facing/ Chin on wrists

Newborn baby poses
Newborn baby posed in forward facing pose

8. Tucked in pose.

Tucked in newborn
Newborn in tucked in pose
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