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Do you need to buy props for your newborn session?

Newborn session props such as sleepers, bonnets, stuffed bears, fabrics and cribs are all available in the studio.
Props for your newborn session

Do you need to Etsy shop for your session?

I had a client in recently and she was telling me how she felt guilty for not buying props ahead of her session. Her friend had newborn photos done and she bought tutus and crocheted hats so my client thought she should have done that too. I want you to know I have all the headbands, bonnets, sleepers, props and fabrics your baby will need for their session! You don’t need to bring anything for your baby photos.

What should you bring?

All you need to bring is your regular diaper bag, your clothes and a change of clothing for you and your family members and soothers. I do have diapers, wipes, soothers, snacks, drinks and other basics.

Sentimental Items

You don’t need to bring any props but some clients have sentimental items they would like to include. Some examples are a baby blanket, a family christening gown, a vintage baby crib, a vintage scarf that belonged to a family member, vintage toys and so on. If you have a special item that has sentimental value I would love to add these to your session. Please send me a photo of the item so I can plan how best to use it and add it to your wish- list.

Regular clothes are too big

One reason I would suggest avoiding buying newborn hats and outfits on etsy is because of the fit. The newborn clothes and bonnets that photographers use for sessions are specially made specifically for photos. They are much much smaller than most of the clothes you can buy in a store or on Etsy. Most of the crocheted hats for example, would fit a 2-3 month old baby or bigger and are much too bulky for a newborn. The dresses we use in photos are miniature, about the size of dolls clothes.

Prop sizing

Most of the props bought in stores are too big and bulky in relation to the size of the baby. Big props can work but tiny props are easier to add to a setup. If you would like to add a themed prop such as a basketball or a guitar I would love to suggest that you buy a miniature version such as an tree ornament or a felted prop. If you would like help finding a tiny item I am happy to help!

Newborn Clothes

I have a selection of outfits, hats and headbands for your baby and you don’t need to bring anything along. However, if you are interested in newborn clothes that you can keep, I am happy to point you in the right direction! Here are a list of some of my favourite newborn clothing shops with the perfect size outfits for your session.

Newborn clothes made by vendors such as Mia Joy, are the perfect teeny size for newborn photography
Doll sized newborn clothes fit perfectly for photos- Mia Joy Studios


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