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Outfit Ideas for your mommy and me photos

What should I wear?

The most common question I get from my clients is what should I wear for my session. Picking out an outfit and choosing clothes for the whole family is one of the most difficult parts about family photos. Sometimes this task is so daunting that it stops you from booking altogether. But choosing clothes for your studio mommy and me session doesn’t have to be painful. Outdoor family sessions are usually done from a distance and the outfits play a big part in the mood of your images. For outdoor sessions what you wear should match the season and location of your session. But for studio portraits the focus of the image is on the face and so what you wear is less important. The way my studio images are shot the clothing is meant to fade into the background and becomes part of the composition to frame the face. For this reason a simple black t-shirt can work perfectly well.

Basic tips for choosing outfits

If you are looking for outfits and dresses I do have some general tips. I suggest clothes that are similar in shade or colour rather than mixing different colours. I suggest subdued earthy tones over bright or bold colours. I suggest fabrics with textures rather than fabrics with patterns. I always prefer plain over logos or designs.

Dress mom first

When picking your outfits for family photos start with mom’s outfit first. Let’s be honest, everyone will one day appreciate these photos but they are the most important to mom right now. Mom is likely also the most uncomfortable in front of the camera so it matters that she is wearing something that makes her feel good. Once you have mom’s outfit picked out you can find coordinating or complimentary outfits for the rest of the family.

Getting yourself photo ready

I am here to pose you and help you look your best. Here is a list of things you can do to feel your best for your photos.

Outfit ideas from H&M

H&M Dress ideas for studio portraits

Soft Pastels: Tie Belt Satin Dress, Soft green Crêped dress, pale pink plumeti chiffon dress, pale pink butterfly sleeve dress,

Little Black Dress: Black V-Neck Jersey Dress, Black Draped Dress, Chiffon V-Neck short sleeve, Butterfly Sleeved Dress, This Fringe- covered dress has tons of texture, a v-neck sequin dress would be pretty for studio portraits. Long dotted chiffon dress,

Neutrals and whites: 3/4 length v-neck dress with texture,

H&M Dress ideas for outdoor sessions

Colourful Summer dresses: Wide cut dress in orange, pink flowing v-neck dress in dusty rose,

Floral Summer Dresses: Long black and green floral chiffon dress, Crinkled cotton dress in orange, long pastel v-neck floral dress,

Boho and white summer dresses: light beige v-neck dress,

Check back for updates as I add more to this list….


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