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Preparing baby for a cake smash session

Cake smash session for 1 year birthday photos

Photography Sessions in Covid times

The world has changed so much since Covid 19 spread across the globe. Many of the changes that came with the pandemic have affected the way kids interact with the world. The new way of life can have some impacts on your milestone sessions but there are things you can do to help.

Wear your mask at home

So many of the children I have photographed recently have spent most of the last year at home with their parents. Children don’t tag along to shopping trips or appointments anymore. In some cases they haven’t seen anyone with a mask on. In my experience this year the children have been great at reading my tone of voice and the expressions in my eyes and even with a mask babies smile back to me when I talk to them. In reality it is the parents who are most stressed about the masks. Sometimes mom feels worried that her mask will make her baby sad or scared. Help your baby by wearing a mask at home. Spend some time each day with your mask on.

Get outside and interact at a distance

Another side affect of the Covid world is many kids haven’t really left their house. They don’t don’t interact with the cashier at the grocery store. They don’t play with the kids at the park. The lack of socialization can make kids unusually shy or fearful of strangers. You can help by going for walks and simply encouraging your baby to wave at people you pass on the street.

Practice cake

Another unfamiliar part of your cake smash session is the cake itself. Most children do not try sugar until they turn one and so they usually do not like the taste of sweet icing. Another commonality of babies under 1 is that they have had limited exposure to messy hands. Some children become upset by the stickiness of cake on their hands. You can help by giving your child sticky squishy textures to play with such as mashed potatoes on their highchair. You can also help by letting them taste cake OR you can order a low sugar cake option through my baker.

Bring small favourite foods

Don’t be surprised if you child doesn’t like cake! Especially if they have never had cake or sweets before they may even be upset by the taste of sugar. One little trick we can do is to take small foods that they do like and stuff them into the cake. Small snacks such as dried yogurt drops, rice puffs, blueberries other small familiar and favourite snacks would work.

Be prepared to hold your child

In some cases where I meet a little one who has not really left the house over the past year they can be quite scared in a new place. Sometimes your child cannot be put down without getting upset so be prepared to hold your child. I will get you to sit your child in your lap or hold their hands to get some more variety with them. Be photo ready just in case!

For more tips on preparing your children for photos read this post. Or if you are looking for outfits for your cake smash here is a list of my favourite shops. If you have a milestone session coming up let me know if you would like to take the stress out and add a cake to your session.


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