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Hair and Makeup for your Session

Take out the stress

Most moms feel a little insecure about being photographed and most message me to say that they are worried about how they will look and what they should wear. Getting ready for your session shouldn’t be a stressful process! I want you to come in for your session, relax, be pampered and feel confident about being photographed.

Relax and be pampered

Apart from those who work in makeup and hair, most moms feel anxious about the prospect of doing their hair and makeup for their session. New moms coming for a newborn session or a baby milestone session are often rushing around doing a million things. They are often picking clothes for everyone in the family, making sure all the diaper bags are packed, the kids are fed and everyone is happy and ready. That leaves mom rushing around to get herself ready which can be very stressful.

Having your hair and makeup styled for you can take away some of the stress of getting everyone ready for photos. Having mom come in on her own an hour before the session allows her to settle in, relax and enjoy some pampering. You will have your hair and makeup beautifully styled by a safe and trained professional.

Going into your session relaxed is going to make sure you have a better session that is more enjoyable for you.


  • TIP: Neutral or nude style makeup is a beautiful choice.
  • TIP: Apply your lipstick here after you take off your mask to avoid smudging.
  • TIP: Opt for nude or clear coat nail-polish over colours.
  • TIP: Bring blotting paper or power to reduce shine spots.
  • TIP: Adding volume to your hair looks great in photos.
  • TIP: Visine can help if you have red eyes due to allergies.

How to get yourself photo ready

I am here to pose you and help you look great in front of the camera so don’t worry about that! There are some things you can do to help get yourself photo ready.

Newborn Session

If you would like to add hair and makeup to your session, simply arrive with clean hair and face with moisturizer. Sit back and have your hair and makeup done while I start with the baby only portion of your newborn session. Once your hair and makeup is done we will do the mommy and baby portraits. For more information on what to expect from your newborn session read here.

Children’s portraits

Come by for hair and makeup on your own and enjoy some time to yourself. After your 1 hour hair and makeup have your children join you in the studio for your portrait session. Read about mother and child portrait sessions.

Maternity Session

Maternity sessions are the perfect opportunity to get your hair and makeup done. Message me to add hair and makeup to your session.

What to wear

What to wear is another big concern for most moms. Oftentimes there are things you own that you may not wear out because of the fit or small imperfections but they may be great for photos. A dress that is too tight or too big to wear to an event may actually photograph beautifully. For more advice on what to wear read this post and message me to discuss options.


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