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Children’s Portrait Sessions with Elizabeth Lang Photography

Children's studio portraits
Children’s Portrait Sessions

Children’s Portrait Sessions

Capture your kids as they grow with a children’s portrait session. Children’s portrait sessions are approximately 1 hour long and typically done in studio. These sessions are a special way to celebrate your family each year or to celebrate events like birthdays. If you are planning for your next photo session read this post on helping prepare your kids for photos. I have also compiled a list of my favourite shops if you are looking to purchase a special outfit for your child.

Fine art portraits

These portrait sessions are inspired by the traditional portraits of our past. I have always been drawn to classic painted and photographic portraits. My studio portraits are fine art inspired and shot to focus on the subject or subjects. I love the rich tones and darker clothing that lends beautifully to the painterly style.

The children

A children’s portrait session focuses on your children. I work to capture each of your children individually to create a beautiful portrait of each. We will also focus on the relationship between your children and capture several portraits of them together.

Parent poses

Parent and child portraits
Parent and child portrait poses

The main focus of your children’s portrait is the bond between your children but the other focus is photos of children with their parents. During each session I aim to capture each parent with each of the children individually and each parent with all the children together. Finally we will capture an image of everyone together. Read this post on how to prepare yourself for photos.

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