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Meet your photographer

For most people the first time they meet their photographer is when they arrive at their session. Photography is unlike other services in that it is such an intimate job. Being photographed is a vulnerable and sometimes uncomfortable feeling for most. Will you get any nice photos of yourself? Will your children cooperate? There can be a lot of stress heading into a session but the connection you have with your photographer can make all the difference. When your photographer is calm and patient you know you will get great photos of your kids and they will actually enjoy the session. And when you feel relaxed and comfortable you will capture beautiful photos of yourself too.

Working with children

I have been fortunate to have so much experience with young children. I am the auntie to 20 nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews and was lucky to watch them grow up. In university I focused on psychology and biology before getting my Bachelor of Education and taught for two years before having my own children. I also worked as a high school science teacher and have been a substitute teacher for kindergarten to grade twelve in many different subject areas and special education.

When my first baby was born I chose to stay in the home and opened up my licensed daycare facility. I spent the next four years caring for my amazing little daycare family until they grew up and moved on to school. During the licensing process my home was inspected by several inspectors, I underwent criminal record checks and I completed my first aid and infant CPR training.

I have always enjoyed being around children and adored my role as auntie and then finally when I had my own children. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to connect with children and of course to be able to hold and appreciate amazing newborns. Being comfortable with kids makes my job of family photographer so much easier for me and for my clients.

Life long passion for photography

I often get asked, when did you become a photographer? I know for some people there was a day they picked up a camera and decided to learn photography. Many newborn photographers didn’t pick up a camera until their first child was born. I can’t say when I first became a photographer because I have had a passion for it my whole life.

I got my first point and shoot film camera from my dad when I was about 4 or 5 years old and from then on I was completely hooked. I can actually remember that even as a child I didn’t want to forget anything! Growing up I drove my friends and family a bit crazy with all the photos and as a result I have a half dozen rubbermaid containers full of prints and film. I had my first formal learning in high school photography where I learned SLR photography, how to develop film and then later we used the early computer layout programs when I was on the yearbook committee.

I had my first paid wedding when I was 20 while I enjoyed taking portraits of anyone who would let me. In my mid 20’s I worked as a wedding photography assistant and later a second and first shooter for weddings. I have shot around 60 weddings during that time while also exploring portrait and newborn photography for fun.

Back when I was in university I realized the power of creating a beautiful portrait for a woman’s self esteem. Women have often been cursed with issues of self esteem. I don’t know a woman who didn’t, at some time in their life, worry about what they were eating, worry about her weight, feel she wasn’t pretty or felt her value was tied to her appearance. When I started to photograph my girlfriends from work and I created portraits that showed how beautiful they really are I really understood the power that my photography has. Almost always these ladies would start off feeling nervous and shy and I could literally see that fear and anxiety dissolve as I worked. I would photograph each girl and highlight their own unique beauty and afterwards they would be in shock with their images. They would all tell me that they had never felt so beautiful before. I knew then that I had a sort of special power to be able to help women relax in front of the camera and to capture them at their most beautiful. Of course I wanted to create the beautiful images but more than that I could see the way their self esteem and view of their own beauty would change from the experience.

It wasn’t until my daycare kids had all graduated on to kindergarten that I had the opportunity to decide if I would accept a group of new babies or spend some time to focus on photography again and I made the choice to put my spare time into photography.

I opened my home studio in December 2018 and have spent the last years of my time as a stay at home mom and portrait photographer. It has been amazing to have more time with my kids getting older so that I can focus on my passion once again. I have photographed many wonderful families over the past few years and look forward to many more years!

Photography Achievements

I am an award winning photographer and received 3rd place from the WPPI second half competition. I have also been awarded silver and bronze awards from the WPPI and RISE photography competitions. You can read more about my awards here.


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