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Milestone Portrait Sessions with Elizabeth Lang Photography

Milestone Session with Elizabeth Lang Photography
Milestone Sessions with Elizabeth Lang Photography

Milestone Portrait Sessions with Elizabeth Lang Photography

Milestone sessions are a great way to capture portraits of your children as they grow and change. If you haven’t heard of milestone sessions before it’s the name given to the sessions throughout your child’s growth to capture them in all the stages. Common milestone sessions are done at 3-4 months old, 6-8 months and 1 year. After 1 year it’s great to capture birthday photos at 2, 3, 4 and beyond! I have a variety of outfits available for your session but if you are looking to purchase check out my list of favourite shops.

Milestones session at 3-4 months old

Three month milestone photos

This milestone age of 3-4 months old is perfect for your non crawling baby. During this session we will capture adorable photos of your baby lying on his back and tummy. We can include photos with parents and siblings. At this age babies move around too much to be safely placed in props unless they are happy with a swaddle.

Sitter milestone sessions at 6-8 months old

Sitting is a special milestone to capture

Sitter sessions focus on your baby at the sitting stage. This stage is perfect for sitting, posing inside props and photos with mom and dad. Many parents are so excited for these photos that they would like to book them as soon as possible or when their child turns 6 months old. Most babies are not ready to sit unsupported when they are 6 months old and have only just started to try out sitting. Your child is ready for a sitter session when they can sit up unsupported. Your child is not ready to sit up when they need you to spot them, when they suddenly topple over while trying to sit, when they slump forward on their hands or when you need to prop pillows up around them.

One year milestone sessions

Capture your babies as they grow and change

One year cake smash / milestone sessions are a wonderful way to celebrate your baby turning one! These sessions feature your baby sitting and standing. Many parents also like to include a cake during these one year photos. This is also a great time to include parents in the photo. Children at this age can usually sit very well, can usually crawl, can usually stand next to a support and are sometimes walking. You can add a cake to your cake smash session to take the hassle out of finding and picking one up yourself.

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