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Creating your session wish list

A wish list for your session

Before your session we will talk about your preferences and create a wish list of shots. Your wish list consists of images you would like to create during your session. I always print out a wish list and have it on hand for your session so we can work through and create as many as baby allows. It’s important to me to know if you have any special requests or preferences during the planning stage so that I can have everything laid out for you. Having everything laid out in advance helps to make sure we don’t miss anything important. It also helps to save time so we can focus our time on capturing your memories.

Look through my portfolio

I always start by asking clients to have a look through my portfolio on Instagram or Facebook. Look for images that you really love and think about what you love most about them. You can send these images on to me to put into a wish list and session plan for you.

Colour preferences

Most clients don’t have strong colour preferences and would prefer that I choose all or most of the colour setups. Some clients have a colour they really want to include such as yellow or blue, and would like the rest to be a surprise. And some clients have a colour they want to stay away from. Some clients would prefer all pink or all white. You can let me know if you have any colour preferences for your session.

Special items

I love when clients want to include special items that hold sentimental value. If you have an heirloom item, an old teddy bear from your childhood or a vintage blanket I would love to include them. If you have something special you want to include please send me a photo ahead of time so I can plan how to use it in your session.

Specific Poses

Sometimes clients have specific poses they would love to include. Often I get the request for froggy pose which is so cute! I am happy to plan for a specific pose that you love. Or maybe you want a photo of your older sibling lying down with their new baby. Keep in mind that even with a plan in place siblings and babies don’t always cooperate with our vision.

Baby led photography

I love to know what images you love and it’s so helpful to create a wish list together. I want you to be involved in the planning and I want to create a session of images that you love. When working with newborns and babies I love to have a plan but I am also always aware that babies sometimes have a plan of their own. It is rare but sometimes newborns have an off day and are feeling fussy. Sometimes newborns don’t want to sleep and we don’t do as many unwrapped photos as we would want to. Sometimes older siblings are not their usual selves and don’t want anything to do with the camera. The point is, children can be coaxed and encouraged but it can’t be forced. My goal is to always create as many of the images on your wish list as I can.

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