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What’s the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn photography?

If you are expecting a baby then you have probably started researching newborn photography. You have likely searched Pinterest, Instagram and google and come across the terms lifestyle photography and posed newborn photography. When you started to research the right photographer for you you probably found that some newborn photographers advertise themselves as lifestyle photographers and some advertise that they do posed newborn photography. So what’s the difference?

Lifestyle Photography

When I think of lifestyle photography there are a few things that come to mind but different photographers define it differently. Lifestyle photography to me is a more relaxed and casual approach to newborn photography. The photos are usually done in your home with your bedroom, nursery and living room making up the backdrop of your images. Sometimes a photographer has created a room setup in their studio with a couch, windows, cushions etc to have the feel of a home setting. Lifestyle photos usually feature your baby in their little outfits or loosely swaddled. The main focus of lifestyle images is to capture the natural connection between you and each of your family members. Lifestyle photos have minimal use of props and if props are used baby is usually curled up on his back in a natural pose.

Posed Newborn photography

Posed newborn photography is in many ways, the opposite of lifestyle photography. In lifestyle photography the images are natural and organic where in posed newborn photography parents and babies are put into specific positions.

Although babies are wrapped in posed photography, the wrapping is usually neatly done with every detail in place. Posed photography also focuses on your baby being posed into adorable sleeping positions such as the froggy pose on the beanbag or sleeping in a bucket. Here is a post about beanbag poses.

Posed newborn photography is usually done in a studio setting instead of in your home. A studio is a controlled setting with reliable and consistent lighting which in my studio is strobe lighting. I also have control over the room temperature and can turn the heat up high enough for newborn photos. The studio has all the props and backdrops that will be used in your session.

Somewhere in the middle

At the outset lifestyle and posed photography seem to be opposites but there are many ways the two styles converge. In lifestyle photos, the images look natural and spontaneous but the photographer finds the spots with good light and guides the family to flattering posing. And although posed portraits are intentionally crafted it’s usually only the starting point that is posed then the photographer waits while the natural relationships and moments unfold.

Most posed newborn images are carefully crafted with attention to light, angles, backgrounds and textures but they are not always stiff. We also work to include relaxed poses and all the beautiful expressions your baby makes while awake.

Memories to treasure

Whether you choose lifestyle images in your home or posed studio images or something in the middle, what matters is that you will end up with beautiful images of your family. These images capture this very short window of time when your baby is tiny and new. These are memories you will treasure for your lifetime.

Here is some more information if you are interested in booking a newborn session or you would like to read more about what to expect during a studio session.


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