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How to plan for your Newborn Session with Elizabeth Lang

Planning and preparing for your newborn photography session

If you are expecting a baby soon you are probably looking around to see what types of photography are available. You will be looking at the different styles and may read about “lifestyle” photography or “posed” photography and will be choosing the right style for your family. You will compare different photographers and then you will take the next steps on preparing and planning for your newborn session.

Before your session

Book your session

During your pregnancy you should explore your options for newborn photography in your area. It is a great idea to book your session a few months before baby is due as newborn photographers can only take a limited number of sessions each month. If you are interested in booking with me send me a message or give me a call to discuss any questions or special requests that you have.

To book your session you can send your retainer by e transfer to my email.

After you have sent your retainer I will send you a contract to read and sign. Please read through the entire contract and let me know if there is anything you need clarity on.

Plan your Wishlist

Before your baby arrives I ask that you look through my images on my Facebook or Instagram galleries. These images will show you the style of my work and the colours, props or poses that I have done. From these images I want you to pick a few that you really love. Save these images and send them to me so we can start to plan your session. If you have any colour preferences that you love or that you do not want to include, please let me know. Also if you have any sentimental items to include or special interests you want to incorporate please let me know.

When baby arrives

Sessions are held on Saturdays at 9:30am or 3:30pm. When your baby arrives please send me a message so I can book you in for the first available weekend. The ideal time to do your session is in the first two weeks but can be done up to 2 months old.

Prepare for your session

The days before your session you should do any personal grooming you need and don’t forget your nails. Pack your diaper bag and your personal bag and try to make sure your family has a good nights rest. Make sure your kids are fed and consider the use of incentives. For a more detailed look at how to prepare your children for photos please read this post.

What to wear

I get this question all the time from the parents who book a newborn session. What should I wear? Moms and or dads and siblings are all going to be in the photos so the question of what to wear is a big one for the parent planning the session. On top of trying to coordinate parent outfits and sibling outfits, mother’s who have recently given birth are feeling exhausted and are in a new body. The baby is here but the baby belly has usually not gone away yet. It’s not uncommon for moms to have swelling from water retention, pain from delivery and possibly pain and stiffness from surgery if they had a C-section. If this is your first baby you have recently gone through the incredible shock of sleep deprivation and so not surprisingly you may be hesitant to be photographed. Of course I understand having been there myself, but I always strongly encourage parents to get in the photo. One day I believe you will look back and treasure these photos and appreciate that you have them. And I believe one day your children will value these photos above almost anything else.

So now that we have established that you will be in the photo there is the question of what to wear. For my style of portrait photography I prefer outfits that are a similar shade so that the outfits blend away and the focus is on your faces. Outfits don’t have to be the same colour or the same dress in different sizes. Similar shades work nicely such as all jewel tones, or all light colours. For the parent and newborn poses you can keep it very simple with a black shirt or go skin to skin. You don’t need shoes for your session. There are many options and you don’t need anything fancy. Read this post for more ideas on what to wear and how to get yourself photo ready.

Your session

Your session will likely be on a Saturday at 10am but I am also available Sundays. The session is approximately 2-3 hours long depending on siblings and how sleepy your baby is that day. I will do parent photos, sibling photos, beanbag poses and prop poses during your session. For more about your session please read this post.

After your session

Editing your images

After your session I will send you a gallery of unedited proofs. You pick the ones you want to keep and then let me know. After you have made your selections I will edit your images. During the editing process I will correct the images and remove common things such as skin blemishes, scratches, dry skin flakes, bruises and redness. If you would like me to edit other things or if you want less editing just let me know. I will be able to do a sample for you to make sure I understand what you are looking for if you have specific requests.

Delivering your images

After the editing is complete I will send you a gallery via shoot proof. Within the gallery you will be able to download your images and save them to two separate places such as a computer and a hard drive. You can also order prints that will be delivered to your home. If your package includes prints they will be delivered to your address.

Fine art prints and products

I also offer fine art matted prints, metal wall art and other products which can be purchased after your session. For more information please visit this post or ask me any questions you have.

Highlight Video

If your package includes a highlight video it will be sent to your email address after your session. You can read more about your highlight video here.


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