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Prints and Wall Art

Print your photos

How many of us are guilty of letting our digital images sit on our computers or somewhere in the cloud, never to be printed or held in our hands? When I asked a friend after they moved, are you all settled in? They replied that they didn’t really feel settled in until they had hung their photos on the wall. For many people putting up photos is an important part of making a house into a home. Your photos are your history and the legacy of your family.

Printing Service

For archival quality fine art prints you can place an order with me. The images are printed in Italy and sent to the studio where I can double check that your order is correct and printed properly. Ordering through me takes the hassle out of printing and the worry about prints that don’t come out properly from the local drugstore printers.

Fine Art Prints

Fine art prints are printed on gorgeous velvety texture with rich colours that are reminiscent of pastel. Fine art prints are matted to give your prints structure and support which helps to prolong their life and protect them from damage. Not only does matting give strength to your prints but it adds beauty and impact. Your matted prints can be displayed in a frame box, they can be framed and can be given as gifts to family.

Fine Art Matted Prints

The print sizes are 5″x7″ matted to 8″x10″ up to 45″x30″ matted to 53″x38″

Metal Prints

Crisp and glossy images printed on aluminum metal
Metal Print Wall Art

Metal prints are a great alternative to the typical canvas prints. Metal prints are big and beautiful with a gorgeous glossy finish that adds impact. A large metal print enhances the beauty of your decor and is a durable way to showcase your family portraits. Metal prints are infused aluminum that has the appearance that almost appears to glow. Colours are vibrant and blacks are black. There are a number of other reasons I love metal prints over canvas and here are a few.

Metal Print Wall Art
  • Metal prints do not bend an warp with the change in humidity where canvas frames are made of wood which can twist and bend in a humid climate.
  • Metal prints are wipeable where canvas is ink on fabric which can bleed if exposed to water.
  • Metal prints are light weight and come with an easy hanger system which is so simple to instal.
  • Metal prints are vibrant and modern but with their sleek design will fit any decor.

Display Box

Frame Box

Frame boxes are a beautiful way to store and display your matted prints. The frame box has a clear front lid and can be placed on a shelf as a frame to display your images. The box holds your matted 5×7 prints so you can change the image on display. These boxes are beautifully soft and sturdy in weight. The black design makes them perfect for every decor style but custom colour choices are available.

Black reveal and storage box to hold and display your fine art matted prints.
Display Box with Matted Prints

Keepsake box & USB

Keepsake storage box for prints and USB

This keepsake box is perfect for storing up to 200 prints and to store your USB memory stick which can hold the digital files for your images. Black is a classic look but custom colours are available.

Fine art prints and products are available with any session you book, message me for more details.


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