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Interview with Aga Tetera

At the beginning of the year I was so excited for my many goals to work towards this year. Of course our lives and plans have been impacted in an unforeseeable way. Like many other small business owners I have had to revise my goals and change my direction as our world changes dramatically around us.

One goal I had for this year was to interview some of the successful newborn and children’s photographers of our industry. As I learn and grow as a photographer I am constantly inspired and motivated by the greats. Their work challenges me to try new techniques, to hone my skills and to push myself towards my potential.

One talented photographer whose vibrant and rich images has inspired me to experiment with colour is Aga Tetera from the UK. Aga was kind enough to answer some questions I had for her about her work and her journey.

Please visit her website here and find her on Facebook here

Aga, thank you for answering these interview questions for me!

Q- You work with the Butterfly wishes network who provide photography for families with life- limiting or life-threatening illness. How did you get started with this organization?

Aga- I have first find out about Butterfly Wishes on one of The Photography Shows. I talked to the representatives and volunteers, about the organisation. I was debating for a while whether I will be able to do it, emotionally. Whether I’m good enough, back then. I have applied and got accepted.  This is how it started. 

Aga Tetera- Photographing older babies

Q- You photograph older babies much older than the industry standard of 14 days old. I call these sessions dream sessions, what made you take on this age group? What is the hardest part about doing older baby dream sessions? 

Aga- The decision was very spontaneous really. I get booked up well in advance and of course still have enquiries when baby already have been born or is due in next 2, or so, weeks. After conversations with one of the parents, where I have explained what can happen during the session when baby is older and after setting expectations, I’ve booked my first “older newborn” he was 3 months old on the session day slept like a dream at least half of the session, the other half smiling and trying to talk to me. The light shined … what if… 

So, now if I have “late enquiry” I don’t decline the session, I give my clients an option to wait for me, a lot of them decide to wait. I call it professional service.

     The hardest part? I think it’s like with every other, newborn , baby session, when baby is         
not well, not settling well due to stomach crumps, reflux, gases, colic. Otherwise is fun majority of the times.

Aga Tetera- Neutrals

Q- You easily incorporate vibrant colors or soft neutrals into your sessions. Do you prefer one more than the other?

Aga- I personally prefer natural colours, however I don’t mind stronger, more vibrant colours, this is why you can see variety of colours in my portfolio. The colours are picked based on clients pre-session consultation, basically to meet their need and match their indoor style and colours.  I gather them informations beforehand and create session tailored around them.

Q- You specialize in newborns and maternity. Is there another genre of photography that you love to shoot?  

Aga- I would say newborn, newborn, newborn , haha. Seriously this is the most difficult genre of photography, but the most rewarding. I really enjoy outdoor session of all kind too. 

Q- How did you get your start in photography? 

Aga- I have started the photography probably like the most of children’s photographers, by photographing my own children.

Q- Artists are constantly growing and learning new things, what skill or technique would you like to learn or try? 

Aga- I would love to learn more about fine art portraits, older children especially, I would love to improve on this field. Its hard to describe one “thing”, as an artist I work on improvements on daily basis, trying new things, new techniques, creating new set ups, drawing the ideas in notepad, I believe that’s the only way forward. As soon as you think you are the best, you can’t learn more, it will be beginning of the end, end of your career. 

Aga Tetera- Outdoor Newborn

Q- What are your biggest photography goals you want to achieve in your career?  

Aga- Oh, that’s the big one… 
I’ve set the goals on the beginning of my career (I’ve started in December 2014). I want to be a speaker and teacher on the most prestigious, in my opinion, photography event – Baby Summit in Australia. Generally speaking, my goal is to be international speaker, teacher and mentor.


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