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Safety during your newborn session

Sleeping baby
Beautiful sleeping baby girl

Newborn safety is a top priority

Newborn safety is always a top priority for myself as someone who is handling your precious brand new baby. I know how lucky I am to be able to meet your new baby before many family or friends have. I also know how fragile and precious your tiny human is.

Sanitation and cleanliness

I’ve always been a germaphobe and having children has only amped up that tendency. I have a background in biology and have food safe training so germs are always in my awareness. My studio is cleaned before and after every session and I disinfect all commonly touched surfaces such as (knobs, light switches, hand rails, taps, cell phone, counters.) I always wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water and use alcohol based hand sanitizer before I start my session. I use sanitizer throughout my session and wash my hands as needed. Keeping babies in diapers for the majority of their session limits soiling and always wash my fabrics between babies. For more details on my cleaning and Covid-19 Safety Plan visit my post.

First Aid Training

I have my first aid and Infant CPR training which covered common injuries and ailments.

Background Clearance

I have my business license to photograph babies and children which includes a criminal record check. I used to run a licensed daycare from my home so I have been cleared by the Fraser Health, City and Fire department. I have had criminal record checks through the Fraser health vulnerable sector as well as through the Surrey, Vancouver and Richmond school districts.

Immunizations & Illness

I have all of my vaccinations and up to date boosters. I also receive my seasonal flu shot each year. I have also been triple vaccinated against Covid 19. If I feel a cold coming on I will contact you immediately to reschedule and I also ask you to reschedule if you are sick to prevent germs from coming into my studio. Keeping my studio clean is critical but also a sick baby with a stuffed up nose will have more trouble breathing, nursing/ feeding and will be less settled. I would rather reschedule and photograph your baby when they are older than struggle through a session with a unhappy little one.


Whenever I place baby in a prop or need to step away from my posing table I have my assistant keep her hand on baby to keep them safe and secure. Props are weighted with 5 pound weights to prevent them from tipping over. If baby is unsettled and awake they must be wrapped up or cannot be safely posed in props. If my assistant is unavailable a parent will be asked to help spot.


During any poses and wrapped images I keep a close eye on baby to make sure circulation is not being interrupted. I check fingers and toes to ensure they are normal flesh colour (not white, pale, blue or purple.) I also check baby’s skin and colour to make sure they are not chilly or too warm.


My business is properly insured for personal liability claims.


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