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Mother and child portrait sessions- Mother’s day Gift

Mother and child portraits with a dark backdrop and dramatic lighting. Fine art inspired portraiture
Mother and child portraits

Mother’s day

Last year mother’s day was approaching and stores as always were filled with mom gifts to celebrate the occasion. World’s best mom coffee mugs, soaps and chocolates adorned the shelves and windows. And although I love chocolate I knew there was one thing I really wanted and it was mother and child portraits. The photos we took are my favourite pictures of me and my kids and I will treasure them forever. This year I decided to offer two days of mother’s day portrait sessions to be gifted to mom.

Who are Mother and child portrait sessions for?

Mother and child photos are so special to me. It’s a perfect excuse to get mom into the photo and an opportunity to get special photos of moms with their babies. Mommy & me sessions aren’t just for moms with young children and babies. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, they are always your babies. Moms want photos of their children no matter their age. Therefore moms and their adult children are also encouraged to come in and take some special photos together.

Mother and child portrait sessions are similar to family photos with a few key differences. These portraits are to capture and celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child or children. Mommy & me portraits will feature mom with all of her children and possibly mom with each child individually. These portraits show moms snuggling their children. Mommy and me sessions are not for individual shots of children or mom on her own and although dads are valuable members of the family they have their own special day in June, mother’s day photos are just for moms.

Traditional mother and daughter portraits
Mother and daughter portraits

Traditional Portrait

The traditional style portrait has a dark backdrop and dramatic lighting. I do capture smiling images as well as more serious expressions for you to choose from but the serious are my personal favourites.

Mother and son portraits. Mother and child portrait sessions with fine art inspired portraits.
Mother and child Mother’s Day Portraits

What should I wear?

There are so many different types of mommy and me styles and many ways you can approach your session. Lifestyle photos tend to have bohemian and summer dresses while fine art portraits are formal gowns and elaborate dresses. I love all the different styles and I think they can all look beautiful. For studio sessions I would love 2 outfits for one dark and one light. For a dark fine art backdrop I prefer formal dresses and a light flowing or vintage style gown or night gown for a lying down shot but you should wear what you love and what you feel comfortable in.

Mommy and baby portrait

Are these full sessions?

Mother’s day portraits are run much like holiday mini sessions. Each session is 20 minutes long and will focus on getting a few beautiful images of mom with her babies. This is not a session with a large pile of snap shots but rather a focused session with a few images that are carefully captured. Your selected images will be hand edited with a traditional feel with the aim of 2-5 meticulously edited fine art style portraits. My aim is for you to leave with images you will print big and display on your walls not only share on your social media profiles.

Fine Art Prints

Your portrait session will include 1 fine art portrait hand edited printed and ready to display in your home. Fine art prints are a lasting keepsake and family legacy (I wrote a blog about photographs as legacy here) in a physical form that will be handed down through generations. These stunning prints are created using fine art paper that has a 300 year archival quality which is a museum grade quality. These gorgeous prints have a deep velvety quality which is realistic and reminiscent of a painting or pastel drawing. The rich colours and deep blacks are far superior to anything you could have printed by your local drug store. The prints are mounted on thick white mat board that is heavy and solid in structure. Matting adds beauty but also adds strength to your prints which will prolong their lifespan and enhance their archival properties. ** Due to Covid 19 I won’t be offering prints at this time

Please visit my home page or contact page to book or find out more about mother child portraits in Cloverdale

Mother and Child portrait Sessions.
Mother and child portraits

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