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Sibling Photos and why you need to take them

Sibling photos are the most important ones you will take

Your first baby

When you bring home your first baby everything changes! Your entire world stops where it was and starts spinning around a new sun. Your first baby changes every single aspect of your life and you feel love, an intense all consuming love, like you’ve never experienced before. Of course you know love without having children but I know when my first baby came home I experience a love so much stronger than anything I had ever felt before.
Your new baby becomes the reason for all the things you do.

Your first baby changes your whole world

Having another baby

Then for many people there will come a time when you will welcome another baby.
When I first thought about having a second baby, my first was only about a year and just the thought of it made me ball my eyes out. I was SO not ready to have another child but also I was so saddened by the thought of how a second child would affect my baby. I read blogs about it and I was really weighing up my options.

I thought about how she wouldn’t be my little baby anymore, how she wouldn’t ever get my full attention again, and how her life would change.

I was worried that having a little sister or brother in her life would make her feel sad and that we didn’t love her anymore.

I think a lot of moms struggle with the idea of adding a second child to their life for reasons like this. It’s a hard choice to make! Suddenly our baby is the reason we do everything so naturally we worry for them.
But many people do eventually decide to have a second child.

Sibling photos are the most important ones you will take

New Love

When my second child was born I was so surprised and shocked at how my first responded. She wasn’t sad she was amazed! Her life wasn’t made worse, it was made so much better. She was in complete awe of her baby and must have spent a half hour just holding her tiny peely wrinkled feet.

Of course there are bumps in the road and siblings will not be playing blissfully every waking moment but the love that they share for each other is one of the greatest feelings I have ever experienced.

Sibling Photos

I love capturing this for families. I love to show these first moments and budding relationships between new siblings. They don’t know each other yet but they will grow to be best friends and 50 years from this moment they will be there for each other through life’s best and worst events. Sibling photos are the most important photos you can take during the first few weeks of your babies life. Many moms will tell you that the first time they introduced their baby to their big sisters or brothers is a moment they will never forget.

Sibling photos can be a challenge but there are some things you can do to make your session go smoothly. Read my post on 10 tips for a successful session


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